You may have been touched by the pain of Fatherlessness in this world.  Statistics right across the globe are currently off the charts concerning fatherlessness. 
We want to restore fatherhood in a fatherless generation. Since the family is the cornerstone of society, the solution for societal transformation should start there.
Throughout this weekend fathers are trained in understanding the essence of holistic development, and how each year of a child’s development reveals the need for new investments into his/her life. Once that groundwork is laid, the fathers are trained in the four primary roles of fatherhood, namely: To establish moral authority; to confer identity; to provide emotional security and to affirm potential. By the completion of the training, the fathers who engaged in the training should be well equipped to know exactly how to father children, as well as being empowered to be better leaders in general.
The World Needs A Father is truly a global movement, with over 100 countries actively engaging fatherlessness under our banner. As leaders prepare to run with the vision of bringing heaven home in their country, we provide them with support, resources and a network of experience to draw on.
The training will be presented by Cassie Carstens of The World Needs a Father and will stretch the full weekend, Friday evening and the whole Saturday and Sunday.
The training is free, however some fee will be asked for venue hire and food.
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Looking forward to grow with you in being a better Father!
Andries Viljoen